Solidarity Fund and Application for a Grant

New information of solidarity fund application

(updated on December 1, 2020)

 Application for Solidarity Fund will be opened from December 15th, 2020 to January 14th, 2021. The new round of application is only open to attendees who have never submitted application before. For application form, please see

Applicants who have submitted application forms last year are requested not to submit them again. But if 

4   the grade of your contribution has changed, e.g. from poster to paper; or

4   your identity has changed, e.g. from normal attendees to invited participants, including Invited Lecturers, team members of Plenary Panels, Survey Teams and Topic Study Groups, or become contributors or proponents of TSG, National Presentation, Discussion Groups, Workshops and Thematic Afternoon),

please inform us by emailing to with your name and ID number included.

Application form for Solidarity fund.pdf

Application form for Solidarity fund.docx

Old information for your reference

One of the aims of the ICMEs is to have a balanced representation from all over the world among the presenters as well as among the general participants. In order to achieve this goal, ICMI has instigated a general policy of established a solidarity fund by setting aside 10% of the registration fees for it. The fund assists delegates from developing countries to attend the ICMEs.

An autonomous and anonymous Solidarity Fund Committee, appointed by the IPC of ICME-14, will distribute the grants from the Solidarity Fund amongst the successful applicants. Priority will be given to applicants from developing countries who contribute to the scientific programmes.

Grants will be given mainly as partial support to registration fee, accommodation, and travel costs. All potential applicants are advised to apply for funding from other sources as well.

Application for the ICME-14 Solidarity Grants

Participants who consider themselves eligible for grants from the Solidarity Fund of ICME-14 are encouraged to send a grant application to the Solidarity Fund Committee. Application form can be downloaded from the official website (homepage—downloads—grant application form). Please note that the following information is important for the committee to decide the supports:

– Basic personal information, including full name, postal and e-mail addresses

– Current institute, academic position, the country/region

– Paper or poster submitted

– Academic CV

– List of publications

– Current financial situation

Please send the form as a PDF file by email to between November 1st, 2019 and December 20th, 2019. If necessary, a recommendation letter by PhD-supervisor can be attached.