Long Distance Transportation

Participants may easily arrive at Shanghai by flights from various parts of the world.

     There are two airports in Shanghai: Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Hongqiao International Airport (SHA).

      — Pudong International Airport is one of the world-class hubs of civil aviation, hosting international (regional) flights from most of the major cities in the world. It also serves domestic flights.

      — Hongqiao International Airport mainly serves domestic flights, with limited international services to Japan, South Korea, and regional services to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

      There are three main railway stations in Shanghai. They are

      — Shanghai Railway Station,

      — Hongqiao Railway Station, and

      — Shanghai South Railway Station,

offering high-speed trains and regular trains linked Shanghai with other cities of China, including Hong Kong SAR.


Local Transportation

General information of the public transportation system of Shanghai

The public transportation system of Shanghai mainly consists of the Metro Network, the bus system, and taxis.

      According to the data of December 2018, Shanghai Metro Network has 16 lines with 415 stations (including 2 maglev line station) and 705 kilometers (including 29 kilometers as maglev line) of operation mileage. For the latest Shanghai Metro Network Map, please visit



Source: http://service.shmetro.com/en/yxxlt/index.htm

      Shanghai has a complex bus system consisting of 1,500 bus routes or so. It is more convenient than metro lines in the sense that it can take you everywhere in the city. This also helps the participants to go from the hotels to the venue, to make a city tour, or go shopping. There are more than 20 bus routes having stops around ECNU Putuo Campus, to name some, Route 44, Route 67, Route 69, Route 94, Route 136, Route 216, Route 224, Route 309, Route 524, Route 754, Route 765, Route 766, Route 829, Route 837, Route 846, Route 856, Route 858, Route 876, Route 909, Route 947, and Route 1227. This information may be useful for participants to choose their hotels.

      Taxis, though the cost is comparatively higher, serve also an important component of the public transportation system.

Suggestions on transportation from airports and railway stations

      Transportation from Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao International Airport, and Hongqiao Railway Station to the venue (ECNU Putuo Campus):

      — Take Metro Line 2, and transfer to Metro Line 3 at Zhongshan Park Station, and get off at Jinshajiang Road Station.

      — Take a taxi. It costs about RMB 200 (from Pudong International Airport) or RMB 40 (from Hongqiao International Airport or Hongqiao Railway Station).

Transportation from Shanghai Railway Station to the venue (ECNU Putuo Campus):

      — Take Metro Line 3 or 4, and get off at Jinshajiang Road Station.

      — Take a taxi directly from Shanghai Railway Station. It costs about RMB 40.


From Airports or Hongqiao Railway Station to ECNU Putuo Campus


 A sketched local map around ECNU Putuo Campus


Map of ECNU Putuo Campus

Buildings marked with red letters will be planned as venues for the ICME-14.