Other Scientific Activities(updated on May 13, 2021)

ICMI Affiliate Organizations

The following organizations are officially affiliated to ICMI. In the afternoon of July 14th one 120 minutes’ timeslot is reserved for the meetings of these organizations during ICME-14.

CIEAEM: International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Teaching

HPM: The International Study Group on the Relations between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics

ICTMA: The International Study Group for Mathematical Modelling and Applications

ISDDE: International Society for Design and Development in Education

IOWME: The International Organization of Women and Mathematics Education

MCG: The International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness

PME: The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

ERME: European Society for Research in Mathematics Education

MERGA: Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia