The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education


(July 31st, 2018)

Hosted by Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS), organized by East China Normal University (ECNU), the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education will be held in Shanghai, China from July 12th to 19th, 2020.

China is an ancient country with a 5 000-year history of civilization and a brilliant history of mathematics and mathematics education. In recent 100 years, the introduction of western mathematics and mathematics education and their integration with traditional Chinese culture and education have fostered new achievements in mathematics education of modern China. Shanghai, a famous metropolis in the Far East, is an engine for the economic and social development of China and a window of China’s opening-up policy. In addition, it is also the cradle of modern Chinese mathematics and mathematics education and the birthplace of the Chinese Mathematical Society. East China Normal University is one of the top universities in China and takes the lead in the development of teacher education in China. The mathematics education team of ECNU has a great influence both at home and abroad. Taking consideration of all these facts, the ICME-14 hosted in Shanghai will be a grand academic congress and a great surprise for the colleagues around the world.

A Word of Welcome from the IPC

The International Program Committee (IPC) for ICME-14 would like to extend its warmest greetings to all readers of this First Announcement. The IPC is doing its very best to put together a rich, varied and multi-faceted scientific program for the Congress, with the aim of attracting and addressing the entire community of researchers and practitioners in mathematics education from all over the world. It is our ambition to provide nourishment for thought and inspiration for practice to the established mathematics educator of world renowned and to the novice in the field attending an ICME for the first time, and to everyone else who takes an interest in mathematics education.

In the program structure of ICME-14, we have attempted to maintain the best of the traditional components which have served to make the past ICMEs great successes, with a number of novel components and features which are intended to accommodate new needs and to address the changes that mathematics as a field of research, development, and practice is currently undergoing.

The main components of the scientific program are outlined in the complete version of this Announcement. Some important information is also attached. A few others are likely to be added at later stages. In this Announcement, no names of speakers or group organizers will be given. As soon as decisions have been made and invitations accepted, names will appear on the ICME-14 website. Questions and proposals concerning matters pertaining to the program should be addressed to the Chair of the IPC through the e-mail address

We, in the IPC, look forward to seeing you in Shanghai at ICME-14!

Jianpan WANG            

Chair of the International Program Committee