About Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest metropolitan city and also one of the economic, cultural and educational centers in the country. Since mid-19th century, Shanghai has been an important city featuring frequent exchanges between eastern and western culture. The international communications in the city have been more active with the implementation of open-door policy, and Shanghai has thus become an important window for foreigners to know about China.

Shanghai plays a special role in the history of the development of modern mathematics and mathematics education of China, and occupies a key position in both aspects in current Chinese society. As early as in the 16th century A.D., from Shanghai came a knowledgeable scientist Guangqi Xu (also known as Kwangke Seu), who together with Metteo Recci, translated the first six books of Euclid’s Elements into Chinese. For the first time in history, the western theories on mathematics were introduced into China. This was a big event in the mathematical world with special reference to the mathematical exchanges between China and the West. Moreover, Chinese Mathematical Society was also established in Shanghai in July 1935. Nowadays Shanghai is an important base for mathematics research and education in China. The Center for Mathematical Sciences in Shanghai, located in the campus of Fudan University, is one of the national mathematics research centers, aimed at establishing itself as one of the top mathematical research centers in the world. Universities such as Fudan University and East China Normal University have made world-class achievements in mathematics research.

According to Shanghai Statistical yearbook 2016, up to the end of 2015, there are 67 institutions of higher learning in Shanghai with 511600 students; there are 764 primary schools with 798700 students and 790 middle schools with 673900 students. Besides, there are 29 special education schools have excellent teachers with world class teaching support facilities. In recent years, the outstanding performance of shanghai student in PISA tests has attracted worldwide attention. Needless to say, the participants will greatly benefit from examining the education in shanghai with their own eyes.

Shanghai is ready to hold an unforgettable ICME considering her rich experiences in hosting numerous world class conferences, such as World 99 Fortune Forum, 2001 APEC Summit and its series of theme conferences, Shanghai Cooperative Organization Summit (2001), the 35th Asian Development Bank Annual Conference, World Engineers Conference 2004, World Expo 2010, the 4th Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measure in Asia (2014), and so on. As a matter of fact, Shanghai municipal government encourages various high level international events to be held in the city and make full use of the top level conference and exhibition facilities in the city, with the aim of strengthening the international influence of Shanghai.