Congress Venue (NEW)

Because Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (SCECIS), which ought to be used as the venue, cannot be arranged after the congress is delayed for one year, ICME-14 in 2021 will be held in Putuo Campus of East China Normal University (ECNU).

ECNU has two main campuses - Putuo Campus and Minhang Campus. Located in the City Center, Putuo Campus has a History of more than ninety years since it was used as the campus of Great China University. It is a famous garden campus in Shanghai, with old and new buildings scattered among the green trees and grass. The campus with strong academic atmosphere definitely will create more suitable circumstance for our conference to take place.

The leaders and administrative divisions of the university, as well as professors and students from different schools and departments, will provide strong support and best service to the conference.

The address: 3663 Zhongshan Road North, Shanghai, China

Post code: 200062

Web: (for Chinese), (for English), or (for Français)

The surrounding traffic:

Subway lines: Lines #3, #4 and #13; Jinshajiang Road Station

Bus routes: Routes 67, 69, 224, 754, 765, 829, 856, 309, 909; ECNU Stop

From the airports: Subway Line #2, transferring at Zhongshan Park Station to Lines #3 or #4


A bird view of the Putuo Campus of ECNU

图片 2.png

The front gate and the gymnasium

 图片 3.png

The main hall of the gymnasium

 图片 4.png

Wenshi Building (also known as Humanity Building), the Auditorium, and the Lawn

 图片 6.png

Library foyer

 图片 13.png

A bird’s view of the west bank of Liwa River 


      Lecture hall in Tian Building    图片 7.png


图片 8.png     Lecture Hall in Shaw Building  


A classroom in Wenshi Building    图片 9png.png


图片 10.png    Coffee bar in Shaw Building

                 图片 11.png                 

The exhibition area of the Chinese Culture Center 

图片 12.png    

The entrance of the exhibition area of the Chinese Culture Center


Liwa river, the spirituality of the campus